Community Development

Community development, particularly when it touches the lives of local communities, remains for us the most effective means of translating policies into meaningful reality for our people.

Our community development programme is focusing on providing assistance to the Niger Delta communities and NGOs in Nigeria, particularly the Ogoni region. 

Peace building and monitoring / conflict prevention:
Our aim in this area is to reduce conflicts amongst communities, groups and individuals in the Niger delta and to enhance their capacities on conflict prevention and peace making.

Providing advocacy Skills:
This is a core part of our assistance programme for groups in the Niger Delta particularly in Ogoniland. The advocacy skill training for community leaders and youths helped them to operate their projects efficiently. We help to strengthen the groups by enhancing staff and volunteers capacity in effective advocacy and management. 

Capacity building:
We aim to build the capacity of MOSOP affiliates, kingdom coordinators and chapter leaders to become effective implementing bodies of the movement working in the interest of the Ogoni people.
We also aim to build the capacity of groups and local institutions in the Niger Delta in participatory democracy, governance, election monitoring and reporting.