Networking With Other Organisations 

To be effective in collaborative ventures, the Ogoni foundation has recently put in place strong organisational structure to create a more enabling environment for good networking with groups, organisations, institutions and individuals that share our vision. We are putting together several Niger Delta based organisations for advocacy, networking and community development programmes. We are also planning support for groups hoping to access international funds for development.

These grassroots organisations are those working in various communities and levels in the Niger Delta. We have currently twelve of such organisations and the number is increasing.

As part of our agenda to increase the participation and involvement of these groups in term of networking on development projects, we are constantly providing information and sometimes little resources that will strengthen their capacity. We also provide linkages between the groups in the Niger Delta and the Western donors.

We are also working with young people from the Niger Delta to participate more actively in developing youth-led responses to issues affecting them.

We are planning a work shop in Port Harcourt before the end of the year on how to reduce arms and violence in the communities gearing towards the 2007 election in Nigeria.