Our work in Nigeria, particularly in the Niger Delta emphasise community based and grassroots involvement. Our focus is to embark on projects that the communities can relate and also beneficial to them.

Since the inception of the Ogoni foundation in 1995, we have been able to raise the issues affecting the Ogoni people and the people of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. We have also created national and international awareness of the Ogoni case.The foundation is involve in providing medical supplies to some of the Ogoni hospitals and clinic for the needy and also provided some books to some of the Schools in Ogoniland.

The Ogoni foundation assisted the Federation of Ogoni Women Association (FOWA) to set up the first Women Training Centre for rural women in Bori, Ogoni. The centre assists women to develop skills in tailoring, catering, computer use and other small business opportunities. They are currently running a micro- credit scheme from the centre.                                                                                     

The Ogoni Foundation has, with the funds provided by two of our sponsors 
Completed two leadership training programmes for the Ogoni leaders and 
Leaders of Niger Delta youths.

In 2003, the Ogoni Foundation was part of United Nationals team of international observers that monitored the Nigerian elections           

  • We are currently sourcing for fairly used computers for all the secondary Schools in Ogoni
  • The foundation is committed to supply the University of  Port Harcourt medical school in the  Rivers State, books on tropical  medicine.
  • The foundation is also sourcing for medicine and medical equipments for the hospitals and clinics in Ogoni and some part of the Niger Delta.
  • We are planning some Seminars in the Niger Delta on peace building and non-violent  approach to conflict resolution.